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Donna Marina is a clothing brand have been established in Birmingham UK 2015,  with and an idea to design and tailor evening & prom dresses at affordable price with limited edition.

Donna Marina brand provides women with feeling of being dressed in gorgeous and elegant evening dresses and modest style wedding gowns.

Purity of designs and sophisticated details accompany with modern and dynamic style makes Donna Marina fashion designs unique.

The brand that went by Tailored in UK tagline is now all set to promote the Tailored in UK, Gorgeous Femininity and Elegance.

The team develop a unique sense of luxury matching the taste of different cultures and the master of dressmaking.

Today brand is run by Marina Zeleznak with 3 brand Ambassadors Sanya Malik, Paris Allen and Katy Francourt.

It is immense pride and satisfaction for all the team to promote the brand

Donna Marina's collections are a tribute to women and their elegance with charm and taste of a timeless style.