Donna Marina Fashion Design Studio situated in Birmingham UK is the couture brand showcasing the fashion designer Marina Zeleznak, endorsing femininity and elegance through her bespoke designs. Ranging from stylish cocktail and full length evening dresses for special occasions, right through to bespoke bridal, Marina is adamant that high end couture and sophistication is the foundation behind

Her inspirations when designing are broadly taken from what her experiences in life and spirituality have given – and these individual insights streams through in each and every dress. Nature and heritage also plays a huge part in creating spectacular eye-catching looks, and most recently creating one of the lightest and brightest collections yet.

Donna Marina Couture

The amalgamations of inspiration within her couture range is an unusual but fascinating mix of Roman culture, Southern Italian panoramic views, exotic food and folk stories, but on the other end of the spectrum Donna Marina couture applies temples, the streets in Waterloo, Birmingham nights and the international influence of the London night circuit. It’s quite a combination, but for Donna Marina these are the beliefs that materialise to accomplish her desires in creating something very special and unique for the modern and elegant woman.

Donna Marina couture features Sanya Malik in her latest collection. Sanya is one of the brand’s strong faces and as a successful model herself, she promotes her own sense of style and elegance that matches the brand’s deep roots of femininity.

Sanya has been flourishing with her endeavours in modelling both here in the UK and abroad, and endorses the Donna Marina luxury dresses with panache and the grace that it deserves. However, she has most recently been successful in accomplishing her dream of being featured in Vogue Italia. 

Bride Icon have put together some of our favourite couture designs from the new collection by Donna Marina featuring the beautiful Sanya Malik

If you are looking for that something extraordinary for your special day that reaps glamour and style, but with a twist of distinctive inspiration – then we know you will be thrilled by what Donna Marina couture has to offer.

For further details see Donna Marina’s website here:

Model: Sanya Malik

Photography courtesy of Francis Kinsella

Silver ring with a silver metal feather by Atif Hussain Whosayn Designs