IRYNA GERUS was born in UKRAINE to a family of mathematicians, who were her first audience at home concerts.

At the age of 6 she was already singing in a duo with her grandmother Lidya - in the warm summer evenings, on the banks of the river sitting on the grass field and rejoicing nature of the Ukrainian village.

When she was 7, her father and sisters were once watching her playing piano and singing a song.

When she stopped playing, her farther was practically speechless because of he could utter that was just more than amazing performance.

On that day Iryna decided to share the God given gift-her talent with the whole world.

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A legendary Golden Photoshoot in Iryna Gerus beloved Halifax, Nova Scotia

Photos: Best-in-the-World Photographer Mitch Valcourt Lens

Dress Donna Marina by Marina Zeleznak