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Blended Silk Satin gown especially have been designed, created, tailored and fit to measure for the British model / Donna Marina brand ambassador Sanya Malik. 

Sanya officially have been nominated as the Influential Female Model No 1 of the Year 2018 by Liverpool Urban Hair Fashion Show.m


The color of finest silk can vary on a customer request, we can make a unique dress for you regarding your dreams and desires.

Creative Images Photography by Francis Kinsella

Enchantment of Donna Marina designs all about that her models look as though they've just stepped out of a fairy tale

Sweeping the floor with a layer of frothy grey, added of glittery line and sculptural flower on one shoulder, this gown from the Ready -to -Wear '18 collection has a mirror illusion.

pearl shine lightweight fine jacquard have been especially ordered and delivered by the local silk fabric supplier



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